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About Us

Your Local Neighborhood-based health center

When you're sick or just need a check-up, it's nice to know there's a place you can go to get quality health care from professionals who understand you and your needs.

Caring Professionals

It's a place where the staff knows your name and cares about the way you feel; where they know how to take care of you and your individual needs; where you can get a physical exam, talk with a counselor or even see a doctor or specialist if you need one. It's the Elmwood Health Center.

A Tradition of Trust

Established in 1994, the Elmwood Health Center, an affiliate of People Inc., has been providing health care for a variety of patients, from newborn babies to older adults. We care for people with many types of needs, specializing in health care for people with developmental disabilities. At the Elmwood Health Center, we can help you get well...and stay well. All services are located at one convenient, accessible location.

Nationally Recognized for Quality Care

The Elmwood Health Center prides itself on delivering excellent patient care. We have demonstrated the high quality of services delivered using the latest in health information technology, earning designation by the National Commission for Quality Assurance as a New York State Patient Centered Medical Home. This is the highest level of designation possible and demonstrates the Elmwood Health Center's commitment to delivering superior service at every point in your care.

Article 28 Diagnostic Treatment Center

The Elmwood Health Center is a local North-Buffalo based Article 28 Certified Diagnostic Treatment Center.

Article 16

The Elmwood Health Center provides Article 16 Clinic services at 11 locations throughout Western New York and Rochester. Article 16 Clinic services are Office for People With Developmental Disabilities-certified treatment facilities providing clinical services to people with developmental disabilities.

Member of SNAPCAP and SIPA

The Elmwood Health Center is a member of SNAPCAP and SIPA. SNAPCAP organizations are NYSDOH-certified Article 28 healthcare clinics providing care to a high number of patients who are traditionally underserved: people who receive Medicaid or are un- or under-insured, people living in poverty, people with complex chronic disease or disability, and/or people who are members of racial, ethnic, cultural, or linguistic minority communities. Member clinics include those that are hospital-based, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), or independent free-standing clinics. For more detailed information on SNAPCAP members, click here.